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Iafil selects only the very best natural fibres to supplement its specialisation in cotton, thus expanding its range of fashion offerings for today’s innovative and trend-setting collections.


Prestigious and natural fibres which, in combination, bring out their best qualities. Both are gathered and selected completely by hand: the cashmere is obtained by shearing and combing the fleece of the Kashmir goat, and the cotton is picked and sorted from amongst the best of Peruvian cotton, whose long, thin fibres are similar in micronaire to cashmere. The combination of the two produces a perfect fibre, very rich, soft, smooth and velvety to the touch. This thread is made strictly in Italy, and the result is radically different from the ready-mixed yarn exported from Asia.


This natural fibre from the high plateaus of Peru, has been prized for its warmth since ancient times. The fleece of the Alpaca is renowned for its lightness, its natural waterproof qualities, and its soft, silky feel. Iafil selects the finest fleeces in Peru, choosing those of the highest quality (a super-fine 19 microns), sorted by hand for their colouring. The results are then sealed up for spinning strictly on Italian soil with the very latest spinning machines. This process ensures a consistency in the product and uniformity in the thread which qualify it as a luxury product; with a quality and style which make it a world apart from the yarn manufactured in the Andes.


An extremely fine product (the fineness of the fibre varies between 12 and 19 microns) with a shiny thread, obtained from the highest quality drawn silk, combed from the longest, straightest and most perfect silk. Iafil selects each and every batch it uses with the greatest care, checking it for fineness, length and cleanliness, in order to obtain a product that is both strong and clean, and able to produce excellent results when dyed.  
The silk is available in a range of 54 colours ready.


With over two thousand years of history, linen is a natural fibre which is both light and extremely hard-wearing. It is noted for its breathability and anti-allergic qualities, and the comfort it affords the wearer. 
Iafil only produces linen thread of the European standard: the best of its kind from cultivation through to processing. It is guaranteed by the Masters of Linen hallmark, issued by CELC (the European Flax and Hemp Confederation) to European companies and their products. Iafil is a member of the Centro Lino Italiano, the national consortium for producers of high quality linen.